Helping you capture beautiful moments and memories

We work with quality, integrity and dynamism. Our goal is to help our clients capture memories, ideas and moments in high quality physical objects.

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Jewellery lasermarking

Lasermarking at events

Industrial marking


Plaques, Signs, Directions

Personalized gifts


Ribbons and pins

Ink stamps

Keyboard lasermarking

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People say about us:

Superb attitude to work, good quality!

- Edgars Edzins

Super-craftsmen, always a pleasure to work with Rocket Lasermarking.

- Jurgis Spunde

Friendly service, quick delivery of order.

- Kristaps Kincis

Very fast, high quality work. Makes the impossible possible. Reasonable prices.

- Mareks Lapiņš

Excellent service, always good ideas and very high quality products. I have been working with Rocket Lasermarking for more than 5 years. They will always find a solution to your needs.

- Olafs Brezinskis

Smooth cooperation, help with ideas, every order is a delight! Thank you!

- Lelde Ģiga

Fast and quality service! Especially recommended for marking individual tools. Thank you Rocket Lasermarking!

- Didzis Againstwar

Fast, successful cooperation, quality work. Friendly and friendly staff!

- Emīls Arcimovičs

Great service! Even when others say it's impossible, Rocket Lasermarking does it quickly, happily and most importantly, beautifully. Thank you!

- Baiba Miezīte

Thank you for your excellent, efficient work and attentive attitude!

- Barba Eglīte

I highly recommend and will definitely work with Rocket Lasermarking in the future. Thank you!

- Kristīne Rozenbauma

Thank you very much for your professional work! Rocket Laser Engraving quickly found a solution that other companies could not!

- Guna Bendrate

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of engraving an item is usually €25 - €30, regardless of the number of symbols or signs. If the number of items is higher, the price is lower.

In normal operation, this would be one to two working days. Of course, EXTRA urgent engraving is also possible. This must be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Possibly within an hour or a few hours or a day. This incurs additional costs, which are determined individually for each order.

A vector file such as AI, EPS, CDR or others is most suitable, but of course good resolution images are also acceptable.

Yes, we also offer to make a mock-up. We also prepare a visualisation of the work to coordinate its dimensions and layout.

Laser engraving is different from printing, its shade depends on the material and/or colouring. Sometimes it is possible to make part of the engraving at a different intensity, creating a tonal difference.

It is extremely durable, eternal we should say. An etching is physically embedded or burnt into the material. Without specific exposure, the engraving cannot be removed.

Yes, it is possible. The image can be digitised by scanning and engraved on any surface.

No. The laser beam is controlled and only affects the surface layer. Laser engraving is a common treatment for marking elctronic devices.

Give something special to your loved ones

Memories are the most precious things we have. Without memories - money, relationships and life would be worthless. Since the beginning of mankind, physical objects have served as carriers of memories, often passed down from generation to generation, carrying with them significant messages. Our mission is to continue this tradition today.

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