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20+ years of experience in creating memories

Memories are the most valuable thing we own. Without memories - money, relationships and life would be worthless. Since the beginning of mankind, physical objects have served as carriers of memories, often passed down from generation to generation carrying significant messages. Our mission is to continue this tradition even today.

Although we have replaced chisels and hammers with the highest precision laser marking and laser engraving technologies, we have not forgotten the essence of engraving objects.

Whether it's a young couple wanting to mark the beginning of their love by engraving wedding rings, an army battalion wanting to make commemorative badges for their comrades, or a large company looking to strengthen its brand image, we approach each order with the precision of a watchmaker and the sense of responsibility of a surgeon.

We work with quality, integrity and dynamism. Our goal is to help our clients capture memories, ideas and moments in high quality physical objects.

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Details are important, just like the little moments in life

Fast manufacturing process

Depending on the material, design and power, the laser engraving process can take just a few seconds for small engravings or minutes for larger ones. For complex designs, the engraving time will of course be longer.

works on many materials

Laser beams work on virtually all materials, both organic and inorganic. The most popular ones are metal, plastic, wood, glass.


Laser markers are highly accurate. They are able to reproduce the customer's design identically. This is also important in the electronics, medical and industrial parts industry and in jewellery engraving.


Laser markers are suitable for batch marking because of their repeatability. The software retains the design and can mark and add identical markings to different or the same parts. This in turn results in faster turnaround times and aesthetically appealing, identical products.


The laser equipment can achieve a strong marking contrast that improves visibility and is permanent. Laser engraving is therefore robust in a wide range of environmental conditions and is not damaged by scratches, heat, cold, humidity or chemicals. This durability is not guaranteed by any other printing method. This is why laser-engraved labels are suitable for product identification and traceability.

environmentally friendly process

Laser engraving requires no special chemicals and produces no toxic effluents. The process is clean and energy efficient.

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